April 2014       
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Temporary Exhibitions

The museum stages temporary exhibitions which integrate the unique location and majesty of the ancient Citadel and its history with a contemporary presentation of artistic and historical issues.

Jerusalem: A Medical Diagnosis I Spr. 2014
The Museum will open a new exhibition in the Spring of 2014, on the development of medicine in Jerusalem from ancient through modern times. Healing and faith have always been interdependent in Jerusalem, a spiritual center for many faiths...
Threads I Summer, 2013
This unique fashion design exhibition focused on what clothing the women of Jerusalem wore through the ages…
Suspicious Objects I Summer, 2013
Industrial Design Inspired by Jerusalem - The exhibition featured the work of designers inspired by the city of Jerusalem, works both exhibited in the past and those that were created specifically for this exhibition. The designers chose to treat the familiar symbols of the city...
The Kaiser is Coming! I Fall, 2012
On October 29 - November 4, 1898, Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife the Empress Augusta Victoria made an historic trip to Jerusalem as the focal point of their travels to the Holy Land. Their visit was an important journey and received unprecedented coverage...
Jerusalem For Four Hands I Winter, 2011
The Animated Films of Emmanuel Luzzati and Giulio Gianini - For nearly two decades, the Tower of David has presented the animated film, "Jerusalem", as a whimsical introduction to the Museum exhibition. The exhibition was an opportunity to present the film "Jerusalem" as a window...
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